**By using Bubbles and Squeak services, you have agreed and accepted the terms and conditions listed below**

  • Your home or office space must be a safe working environment for the staff of Bubbles and Squeak.This includes overall electrical, secured furniture, shelving & home security
  • Please provide all cleaning supplies for the staff. This should include specific cleaning products for wood, furniture and all delicate surfaces. The staff will not be held liable for damaged property as they will use your products and will follow all product labels.
  • Should you not have adequate cleaning products for your home, staff will supply what is needed however a charge of $50.00 will be allocated and payment is to be received upon your scheduled cleaning date.
  • Clients must pay in full – on the date of cleaning, each and every visit.
  • You agree to not hire/employ Bubbles & Squeak Staff at any time. Bubbles & Squeak reserves the right to claim – damages – lost earnings – recruitment costs – training costs and any other costs endured in breech of this contract. (Subject to a minimum of $500.00)
  • Mileage: Should your property exceed the distance of our boundaries, a mileage fee will be paid out to staff and agreed upon prior to your scheduled cleaning.
  • Access to your property must be provided prior to your cleaning. This includes keys, codes and other methods of entering the property upon your instructions. 100% of your total charge will be applied to the client should access not be available or granted.
  • 48 hours notice must be given should you need to cancel your cleaning at any time during all scheduled cleanings by tetephone call. You will be charged 50% of your total charge should this be breeched.
  • All terms & conditions are subject to change without notice.
  • Unsatisfied clients should report to our office within 48 hours of completion of the cleaning so that we are able to investigate the situation immediately. Alternate arrangements will be made by us to correct the issue(s).

Complimentary gift certificates are redeemable within 12 months of the date received.

The “Introductory offer” terms & conditions are as follows:

  • For first time clients only, then an ongoing rate is quoted afterwards
  • Cleaning supplies must be provided by client
  • TAX is not included
  • Additional time may be booked at this special price on your FIRST cleaning only.
  • This offer does Not include rental properties or cleaning move ins/outs – contact for rates.

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